Support With Me

If you have a few free minutes, please take some time to read up on the organizations that I hold close to my heart.

Please donate if you can.


Rainbow Railroad

Rainbow Railroad is a non-profit organization that helps LGBTQI people seek safe haven from violence and persecution. 

Since 2006, Rainbow Railroad has moved over 1,000 LGBTQI people to a new country to start a new life and thousands more to get to safety in other ways. Your support today will ensure more lives are protected from violence and persecution.

Vancouver R*pe Relief and Women’s Shelter

The longest standing rape crisis centre in Canada. Since 1973, our group has responded to close to 46,000 women seeking our support in their escape from male violence. Since we opened our transition house in 1981, we have housed over 3,000 women and over 2,600 children.

The operation of our rape crisis centre and transition house are forms of direct action, developed for women by women in the 1970s as a part of the second wave of the North American women’s movement. More than just providing immediate safety, we offer a place to group, analyze, strategize and fight back against male violence. 


Orange Shirt Day 

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, colloquially known as Orange Shirt Day, is a Canadian statutory holiday to recognize the legacy of the Canadian Indian residential school system.

Save the Children 

"In over 100 countries, we support children to transform their lives. We've been working for a fairer world for a century.

We’ve all been shocked by the terrible scenes of war in Ukraine. 

More than 5.8 million people have fled the violence. For almost every single second of the war, a child has become a refugee. 

Your generosity means we can help children in Ukraine, and around the world, make it through the toughest times of their lives."